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Smart GuideTM to Managing Personal Finance

Alfred Glossbrenner. Smart GuideTM to Managing Personal Finance Authors:Alfred Glossbrenner.
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Book Summary:
Smart Tips on setting up a realistic budget that works for your individual circumstances Smart Ways to stick to your budget, establish savings, invest wisely, and develop good credit Smart Advice on overcoming previous credit problems, choosing the right bank, and finding a trustworthy broker or accountant Smart Advice on the most effective ways to take control, plan ahead, and stop living paycheck to paycheck Smart Tips for getting the best rates on credit cards, buying or leasing a car, and purchasing a home Smart Insights on maximizing your health and life insurance benefits, reducing your taxes, and ensuring that your estate goes to your heirs rather than to the government Quick reading and easy referencing with a comprehensive index and loads of sidebars and tables Alfred and Emily Glossbrenner have written more than fifty books together, including Online Resources for Business and Making More Money on the Internet. They live in Bucks County,...

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