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Larstan's The Black Book on Personal Finance (Black Book Series)

Larstan's The Black Book on Personal Finance (Black Book Series) Authors:
Price:1877 rub.

Book Summary:
Written by experts who advise higher-income clients on finances, taxes, insurance, and business, The Black Book of Personal Finance combines its authors' years of experience into a single volume. Written from an advanced perspective that is intelligible to the layperson, this book presents a wide range of topics for those who either have or aspire to an annual household income in excess of $75,000. Individual chapters cover reasons to avoid the advice of most self-anointed "experts" and cover topics including: an 11-step investing process, a sector rotation strategy that generates gains in any market condition, using life insurance premium financing to dramatically increase cash flow, maximizing bequests to beneficiaries, and more. Like other books in this series, this one is designed with an engaging "spy" motif on each spread that simplifies complex information.

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