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Cash Poor Credit Rich- CPR for Your Financial Freedom

Tom Johnson. Cash Poor Credit Rich- CPR for Your Financial Freedom Authors:Tom Johnson.
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Book Summary:
Tom Johnson, founder and President of Minuteman Financial, Inc., is a personal financial advocate and counselor that has been providing trusted advice and money management for over three decades. Mr. Johnsona??s book Cash Poor Credit Rich meets you where you are a?? depressed, frustrated, angry, hopeless and the list goes on. Are you facing a loss of income, overwhelming bills and credit card debt or bankruptcy? Is your home only worth half of what you owe on your mortgage? Has your 401k and pension taken major hits in this economy, leaving you with little hope of retirement? It is time to do a radical makeover of your financial world and begin to enjoy life by moving towards FINANCIAL FREEDOM. No matter how much you make, you dona??t have enough. Truly, you need CPR for your financial heart. This little easy to read book and the online video classes from can help you get a fresh start. We provide you with the practical and easy to understand steps...

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